White Water Rafting in Uganda

No doubt that white water rafting the Nile in Jinja a few meters away the town is a great deal for rafting lovers that would like to feel or experience the best amount of adventure and adrenaline.

This thrilled water activity is experienced in the city of Jinja, at the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world. While in at the home of the white water rafting industry, the white water enthusiasts have chance to experience many other breathtaking activities including bungee jumping, kayaking, quad biking, horse riding and fishing.

White water rafting is high on many travelers’ list of tourist activities that they would love to experience during their visit to Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa.” With some lots of good rapids and a stunning river with high level its superlative. There are some very exhilarating sections with space between to lay back and float along taking in the landscape and enjoying the nature, particularly the various bird species encountered. White water lovers are given chance to take a safety boat and they are also offered family float trips for the children less than 14 years old so they can also enjoy time on the water from the Owens Falls Dam down to Bujagali.

For the best and largest rapids possible, safety equipment and highly qualified and experienced guides must be involved to guide and ensure safety of the rafting team thus giving the travelers confidence as they enjoy the adventure knowing that they are in the safest hands.Total rafting is for 25 km of river including some of the best rapids in the world.

The river is graded 4+ to 5 and provides one of the finest day rafting trips on Globe! Massive standing waves leap from the clear blue skies and rock walls tremble from the power of the booming rapids. Be among the first to be familiar with the incredible adventure and excitement of the Nile water rafting from this point of Bujagali falls.

Rules and guidelines of White Water Rafting

Some of the guidelines to white water rafting include:

  • Always listen to your guide during the safety talk and on the water.
  • Always wear a life jacket, or personal flotation device; All jacket buckles must be clipped and the jacket should be fitted snug to your body.
  • Keep on the protective gear and always wear a helmet
  • Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day, wearing a wet suit can make the trip much more comfortable.
  • Hold the paddle properly; one hand should be at the base of the paddle on the shaft and the other hand should always be on the end of the shaft.

What to Carry

  • Swimsuit,
  • A pair of sandals
  • Shorts to wear on the river. You will get wet, so bring a change of
  • An extra outfit will be required since you may get wet.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A grin.

The White Nile has up to 7 times the volume of the Zambezi. The raft bursts through vast walls of the White Nile and drifts through warm pools in the Equatorial sun shine.